Starch-free, faster-setting and convenient


CONFIXX®, a ground-breaking and innovative new ingredient from GELITA, is a real game-changer. Offering fast and efficient starch-free processing for fortified gummies with maximum consumer appeal, it has huge advantages over starch-based systems.

Completely natural, CONFIXX® is a fast-setting gelatin that works at low temperatures. This means you get high dosing accuracy – even with heat sensitive ingredients. Small batch production is easy with CONFIXX® too, so you can turn up the volume on innovation and bring products to market in super-quick time.

 Key benefits of CONFIXX®


Take your gummies to the next level

The market for fortified gummies is booming, and consumers all over the world are hungry for innovative formulations that provide health and wellness ingredients in a delicious and convenient way.

GELITA's CONFIXX® allows you to deliver this – and it’s incredibly easy to use. With its low-temperature processing and quick setting properties, CONFIXX® is ideal for heat-sensitive ingredients like CBD oil, probiotics and hormones like melatonin, and its flexible production parameters mean you can be truly creative when it comes to market trends.




Product development and support 

Product development and support


With CONFIXX®, you can deliver all sorts of active ingredients in great tasting gummies with adjustable firmness and elasticity. There’s no need to add emulsifiers as CONFIXX® does the job for you, and no starch means production is cleaner, with less risk of cross-contamination. As well as being natural and e-number free, CONFIXX® is non-allergenic, non-GMO and comes in Halal and Kosher versions too.

Whatever your gummy vision may be, GELITA has the expertise to make it happen. As a global leader in collagen and gelatin innovation, with more than 140 years of experience under our belt, our technical experts will support you at every stage of your development process. Let the journey begin!


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“The GELITA team can’t wait to see a new generation of fortified gummies come to life with CONFIXX®. We’re excited to share our expertise, and would love to hear from anyone who would like to explore this world of opportunities with us.”