The missing piece of the puzzle: Enabling endurance athletes to go further

29, 2023
4 min

When you think about endurance athletes, what would their ideal sports nutrition product look like?

For the long-distance runner, cyclist, swimmer, cross country skier, footballer, rugby player, gymnast or any other athlete who needs to sustain peak performance for extended periods of time, what should they choose?

A glance at the booming worldwide sports nutrition market shows an abundance of protein-based products for body shaping and muscle growth. There is a huge choice of carbohydrate-rich solutions that deliver short-term bursts of energy when it’s needed too. But something is missing.

What if there was an additional type of product? One that could deliver foundational changes within the body and enable athletes to perform better over time. In other words, what if we could give them something that allows them to push harder and go further? For endurance athletes, who are often already at the top of their game, this additional performance ‘edge’ could make all the difference between winning and being an ‘also ran’.

The first collagen protein solution for enhanced endurance performance

The Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) of PeptENDURE® can enhance the effects of training and increase endurance because of adaptive changes within the muscles. It offers a foundational, lasting change strategy, rather than a quick fix. Two scientific studies (one in men1, one in women) have been conducted in which participants showed improvements in performance, energy metabolism and body composition, with noticeable reductions in fat mass.

In both trials, participants took 15g PeptENDURE® daily for 12 weeks alongside resistance and endurance training three times a week. At the end of this period, all took part in a one-hour timed running trial.

Analysis of the results showed that the men were able to run an average of 662m further, and the women were able to run an additional 331m. Additionally, both PeptENDURE® groups had an increase in distance of more than 14 percent over the baseline run.

Translated into real life competitive situations, it’s easy to imagine the difference this type of performance improvement could make.

Derived from natural sources

With the news this month that the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) has launched a social media campaign under the tagline Natural Is Enough,2 it has perhaps never been more important that anything new coming onto the sports nutrition market is free from synthetic and harmful ingredients. As it is 100 per cent natural, consumers can be assured that PeptENDURE® is safe, non-GMO, free from E-numbers and gluten, and accepted by WADA. It is also certified Kosher.

Recommended intake is 15g daily for at least three months. PeptENDURE® is a neutral-tasting, rapidly dissolving powder that combines easily with other ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, so this can be achieved in a variety of ways, including via powders ready-to-drink concepts, gels and bars.

We see PeptENDURE® as a daily adaptation ally that forms part of an endurance-based training programme, or as a training partner that offers holistic support that helps endurance sportspeople at all levels take on any challenge.

To find out more, download the e-book or get in touch with our team of experts. We would love to hear from you and to explore the possibilities for this groundbreaking new ingredient!



  1. Jerger et al. (2023): Effects of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides in Combination with Concurrent Training on Running Performance and Indicators of Endurance Capacity in Men: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Sports Med - Open 9, 103.