15, 2020
3 min

Fish collagens have been attracting the attention of manufacturers for some time now. And with good cause: they make it possible for suppliers to meet the needs of niche groups, who — for dietary, ethical or religious reasons – want or have to avoid meat. At the same time, though, there has been some criticism to suggest that these kinds of peptides do not deliver the desired benefits they promise.

One possible reason: There are some important differences between collagens obtained from fish and from species that are very similar to humans, such as mammalian sources, which may explain the suboptimal effects of fish-derived collagens in skin studies. Noting these observations, GELITA was eager to develop an effective fish-derived alternative for its VERISOL® peptides — and has succeeded. 

As the name suggests, VERISOL® Fish is a new fish-derived version of GELITA’s well-known VERISOL® peptides, which are traditionally obtained from mammalian sources such as pigs and cows. VERISOL® is part of GELITA’s portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s), all of which have a stimulatory effect on different collagen-containing parts of the human body and, as such, help to boost collagen production. VERISOL® is scientifically proven to have positive effects on overall skin conditions, and as a consequence can help reducing wrinkles or improving the skin morphology of cellulite-affected areas. These results have been demonstrated in several clinical trials during the last 10 years with nearly 500 study participants.

And now, a new study confirms that supplementation with VERISOL® F can be just as effective as consuming meat collagen. The randomized controlled trial conducted by Proksch, et al., in Kiel, Germany (2020), showed that supplementation with these fish-derived Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s), at a daily dose of 5 grams, significantly improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkle volume after 4 weeks.1 Furthermore, an even more pronounced result was seen after 8 weeks in both 50–70-year old Asian and Caucasian women.

It should also be stated that, in recognition of the uniqueness of GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s), the findings of this new study are only valid for VERISOL® F and thus cannot be readily applicable to other fish-derived collagen products. For more information about developing product formulations with Bioactive Collagen Peptides, contact us today.


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