16, 2020
4 min

Since 2011, professional skier Christina Ackermann had been struggling with incidences of recurring pain in her right knee. The diagnosis: degeneration and microcalcification of the quadriceps tendon owing to chronic inflammation and infection. Unfortunately, a prolonged period of physiotherapy and injections failed to solve the problem … which meant that an operation was the only remaining option. So, in 2013, the calcified material and the necrotic/inflamed tendon tissue was removed.

As a result, and after a long and successful stay at a rehabilitation center, she was finally able to exercise without pain. But, this pain-free state only lasted a year. Soon after, the quadriceps tendon once again became extremely inflamed and, in 2016, another surgical intervention was required. More of the tendon tissue was removed and, during the 2018/19 season, the tendon pain returned. At this stage, and looking for alternative remedies, the team doctor put Christina in touch with Jutta Hugenberg, who introduced her to TENDOFORTE®.

The specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s) in TENDOFORTE® are designed to improve the quality and health of ligaments and tendons. Shortly after supplementing with the product, Christina quickly noticed an improvement during her fitness training. “My tendon withstood the strain for much longer and I wasn’t constantly plagued by the inflammation that had affected me throughout the winter. Also, the swelling around the tendon tissue didn’t come back,” she says.

At a daily dose of 10 g, TENDOFORTE® — one of the first collagen peptides developed by GELITA to target sports nutrition — is not only effective, it also performs very well in terms of texture and taste in a range of final products, such as bars, drinks and powders. This is key for compliance and a successful intervention, as well as trust and end user loyalty.

“As well as taking TENDOFORTE®,” adds Christina, “I incorporated a special type of athletic training into my routine to protect my tendon tissue. By combining this with the synergistic effect of the TENDOFORTE®, I was able to train harder and for longer than last year.” After three months of taking the supplement, Christina was able to hit the piste for the first time.

Skiing involves a very specific set of movements that can’t really be replicated during fitness training. “I was very surprised,” says Christina: “Right from the very start, I didn’t feel any pain. Admittedly, after some sessions that put a huge strain on my quadriceps tendon, I still experienced a little tension, but that became less and less every time.” Since then, she concludes: “I’ve been feeling very good. I don’t feel any pain in my quadriceps tendon and no longer have to put up with the swelling or inflammation like before.”

Christina’s maximum strength values have subsequently improved and, above all, there is no longer any significant difference between her left (healthy) and right leg. Likewise, in terms of explosive strength, there is a clearly recognized enhancement. “Thanks to TENDOFORTE®, my quadriceps tendon is pain free, which means that I’m able to train to my full capability again,” she says.

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