Petagile® improves young polar bear Nanuq’s skin and fur

28, 2022
3 min

Polar bear Nanuq was born in France on November 7, 2016. At the end of 2020, she was taken into the care of a German zoo, where she now lives alongside two other female polar bears.

Nanuq – whose name means "polar bear" in the Inuit language – is quite sensitive and rather more cautious and withdrawn than her other polar bear pals. So there was some concern at the beginning of 2021 when the keeper in charge noticed that she’d started to scratch herself, with this behaviour becoming increasingly severe over the following six weeks.

A veterinarian subsequently diagnosed neurodermatitis with symptoms of pruritus (itchy skin) as well as other skin defects and fur loss. Nanuq’s new environment, her introduction to other polar bears and a change in diet could all have contributed to her fur and skin complaints – factors that were all difficult to avoid.

To reduce the symptoms of neurodermatitis (pruritus and scratching) medication with a cortisone derivative was prescribed. Apoquel® is an immunomodulator/suppressor which reduces pruritus and skin inflammation, with a 125mg dose twice a day sufficient to stop Nanuq scratching her sore skin.

Unfortunately, however, there are mid- and long-term side-effects of immunomodulator/suppressor treatment, which means the possibility of adverse health effects such as liver, kidney or gastric damage cannot be ruled out. But reducing the Apoquel® was not an option, as this resulted in Nanuq frantically scratching again.

Before Supplementation with Petagile®

Therefore, it became apparent that a combined or alternative treatment was urgently needed. The zoo turned to experts from a German Veterinarian University for advice and support. And guess what they recommended? Supplementation with our specific collagen peptides (Petagile®) that have been designed to keep animals healthy and agile.

Nanuq began taking Petagile® with a daily dose of 50g mixed with her food, which she happily consumed. After just seven weeks, there was clear and obvious improvement. 

The responsible veterinarian explains: “Nanuq’s fur has grown back and her skin looks much better. Currently she doesn’t suffer from pruritus and shows no signs of scratching. Furthermore, Petagile® supplementation has had such a beneficial effect, we’ve been able to reduce the dose of Apoquel® by 50 per cent and ultimately hope to withdraw it completely, which is great news.”

After 7 weeks supplementation with Petagile®

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