Products for the world of tomorrow

How can we feed the growing global population? How can we develop ecofriendly fertilizers and premium pet foods? What will we use for energy when we run out of fossil fuels? How can we prevent overfishing in our oceans? FPM ingredients from GELITA can provide answers to many of the globally important questions being asked today.

With our fats, proteins and mineral ingredients, we provide our customers with the tools to take a completely new approach to the challenges of today – and tomorrow. We might not be able to change the world, but we can certainly contribute to the development of new solutions for complex problems.

As a customer-oriented and innovative company, we work with a diverse array of industries to develop exceptional product concepts and formulations.

Our FPM ingredients, GELIFAT®, GELIPRO® and GELIMIN®, are high quality fats, proteins and minerals that are produced when we manufacture our collagen proteins.

Using complex processes such as purification, filtration and sterilization, we obtain highly purified, high quality forms of these intermediates that are subsequently licensed for food and non-food applications.

Together with our partners, we have developed pioneering new applications, including biofuels, cleaning agents, asphalt, leather softeners, lubricants and many more. We are proud to be the preferred supplier of FPM ingredients for many companies, all over the world.