When every step hurts, quality of life is seriously compromised. With CH-Alpha®, GELITA Health offers a highly effective, very convenient and pleasant-tasting formulation based on FORTIGEL®. These natural, bioactive collagen peptides have been scientifically proven to stimulate the synthesis of new joint cartilage. CH-Alpha® is the perfect, natural and effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage – for an active lifestyle at every age.

In many cases, a regular supply of collagen peptides can help to rejuvenate the joint cartilage and make movement both smoother and more comfortable. After just a few weeks of regular intake, many patients, somewhat gratefully, experience significant pain relief and increased mobility. CH-Alpha® comes in a convenient one-month supply of drinking ampoules or powder sachets.  Line extensions are CH-Alpha® PLUS, with an anti-inflammatory rosehip extract and vitamin C, as well as CH-Alpha® SPORT, with magnesium and vitamin C, zinc and silica.

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