Revolutionize Your Fortified Gummy Production with CONFIXX®

Within this ebook, we present a breakthrough solution poised to redefine the way you approach fortified gummy manufacturing. Bid farewell to limitations and compromises and step into an era marked by unparalleled efficiency and the mastery of texture. CONFIXX®, a revolutionary gelatin made by GELITA, is the game-changer you‘ve been seeking to unlock thrilling opportunities in the fortified gummy market.

SOLUFORM – Protein enriched and sugar reduced confectionery

What do consumers need, what do they want and what are they looking for in the products they purchase? Plus, what drives these buying decisions and what’s the motivation? For us at GELITA, these are important questions. In today’s diversified marketplace, we need to understand how to optimize the development of our product concepts and ingredient solutions to meet end user requirements. Are you interested to know more about Protein Enriched and Sugar Reduced Confectionery? Download our E-BOOK now!

VERISOL HST - Collagen Supplements in Gummy Formats

Consumers continue to care deeply about how they can positively influence their well-being. Health concerns impact a variety of dietary decisions and a growing number of people are increasingly looking to boost their immunity, mobility, outer appearance and overall wellness by taking supplements with added vitamins, minerals, nutrients and, especially, collagen! More and more, they are also looking for other delivery formats to reduce the need to take pills, capsules and vials. Fortified food solutions such as gummies represent an increasingly attractive way to consume supplemental collagen. Do you want to know more about Collagen Supplements in Gummy Formats? Download now our E-BOOK!

Hard Capsules Plant based: Hype or Reality?

  • Why Hard Capsules?
  • The Animal-Free versus Natural Dilemma
  • Vegan Equals Natural and Healthy … Right?
  • Is Plant-Based more Sustainable than Gelatin?
  • What About Health and Tolerance?
  • Market Demand: Perception versus Reality
  • A Performance Check: HPMC vs Gelatin Capsules
  • Apart from the lower costs – what arguments are there for gelatin as a raw material for capsules?

Softgels - Are gelatin capsules still state-of-the-art?

Are gelatin capsules still state-of-the-art? Have there been innovations? Or are vegetarian capsules the new benchmark?

With this E-Book, we’ll answer those very questions. As such, we’ll be discussing both gelatin as well as some of the vegetarian raw material alternatives that are now used to make softgels.