Collagen - the multifunctional clean label ingredient

Everybody seems to be talking about multifunctional ingredients. GELITA provides the food industry with a multifunctional collagen ingredient. Almost no other ingredient is able to bind so much water while providing both emulsifying and stabilizing properties. As a result, a high degree of tolerance can be achieved in thermal processes, which subsequently improves final product texture. Our collagen has an extremely high degree of purity. It’s almost odorless and practically taste neutral. Perfect for all kinds of applications – without compromising taste.

What started as a trend some years ago has now become well established: Clean Labels. Additives are in the spotlight, but those who prefer natural ingredients are willing to pay a higher price. Our collagen is exclusively produced from native collagen protein and has no E-number. It can be listed as edible collagen and, as such, is eminently suitable for the production of so-called "clean label" products.

Rapid water-binding, high degree of firmness

PARGEL® is an excellent water-binding ingredient. It’s fast, which means that significantly quicker processing speeds can be achieved, and higher productivity levels. This highly functional collagen can also be used with phosphates and salt. Owing to its high phosphate resistance, you don't need to adjust the collagen dosage. Welcome to easier processing! The use of PARGEL® results in a high degree of firmness in water/oil emulsions, even at extremely low concentrations. As such, it can be used for the economical production of high quality foods.


Water in oil emulsion


GELITA Pargel Collagen
Application example: boiled sausage


GELITA Pargel Collagen
Application example: boiled sausage - fat reduced