GELITA FPM - Ingredients for the world of tomorrow

Currently, the global population is just over 7 billion people. This is an almost unbelievable number and it continues to grow, rendering nutrition and the provision of important resources a real global challenge. However, it also offers numerous other applications with significant added value for the customer. Phosphate is indispensable in agriculture. Most of the world's production of phosphate goes into fertilizers. However, resources are limited. Experts assume that the natural resources available for the production of fertilizers will be exhausted before those of oil. Thus, in view of the enormous population growth in many parts of the planet, alternatives will have to be found. Animal materials, obtained by GELITA during collagen protein production, represent an ideal source of phosphate for fertilizers. These are even more valuable because, unlike naturally occurring phosphates that are often contaminated with heavy metals, these can be produced in an extremely pure form.

FPM Ingredients also contribute to solving the overall problem of nutrition for an increasing world population and the protection of natural resources. The high-quality proteins produced by GELITA could very soon also be used in aquaculture, a science that is gaining in importance because of the problems caused by overfishing. This could conceivably reduce the pressure now being placed on the decimated fish population. The fats produced by GELITA are now being increasingly used for the production of biofuels. In this way, they represent an alternative to the gradually dwindling sources of oil reserves throughout the world.

Wide range of applications

Industry uses the fats, proteins and minerals produced by GELITA to manufacture and further process a variety of products. The main areas of application for FPM Ingredients are human food, pet food and animal feed. The fats, for example, serve as energy sources. Proteins can improve the texture and hence the enjoyability and digestibility of foodstuffs and animal feed. Further applications are in technical areas: ingredients from GELITA are used in the manufacture of bone china, construction molds, lubricants for machines and anti-rust agents, for example.

Tailor-made quality

The fats, proteins and minerals produced by GELITA are characterized by their high quality. The raw materials, subsequent to gelatin and collagen production, are chopped, dissolved, purified and filtered in complex processes. They are therefore available in a highly pure form – up to the highest purity standard necessary for foodstuffs. GELITA individually customizes the ingredients in terms of composition, form, economics and quality, according to the requirements of the end product and the production process.

We also provide the same comprehensive and valued service for our FPM Ingredients customers throughout the world as we do for our gelatin and collagen products. This includes reliable just-in-time delivery, comprehensive support during product development, regulatory affairs and marketing. This full added-value service helps our customers to penetrate new markets and give them a competitive edge.