GELITA® gelatine, collagen and collagen peptides are far more than food ingredients. Prepare to be amazed.

When you think about gelatine, do gummy bears, cake glazes and capsules immediately come to mind? I bet they do. Don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Why not take a tour through this application section and learn about the versatile world of these natural, allergen-free and clean-label ingredients?

You’ll discover how our ingredients contribute to tasty products with less fat and fewer calories, how they help to create heavenly desserts and creamy dressings, how they improve pharmaceutical applications and help to make brilliant photography products.

You’ll read how gelatine products help doctors to staunch bleeding, how they play a role in building restoration and why they light up your life. Exactly how collagen proteins help us and our furry friends to maintain healthy joints and bones, as well as strong muscles, is a story in itself. And … shush … our best-communicated and worst-kept beauty secret: collagen peptides reduce wrinkles and keep your skin smooth.