Hard Capsules Plant based: Hype or Reality?

  • Why Hard Capsules?
  • The Animal-Free versus Natural Dilemma
  • Vegan Equals Natural and Healthy … Right?
  • Is Plant-Based more Sustainable than Gelatin?
  • What About Health and Tolerance?
  • Market Demand: Perception versus Reality
  • A Performance Check: HPMC vs Gelatin Capsules
  • Apart from the lower costs – what arguments are there for gelatin as a raw material for capsules?

Softgels - Are gelatin capsules still state-of-the-art?

Are gelatin capsules still state-of-the-art? Have there been innovations? Or are vegetarian capsules the new benchmark?

With this E-Book, we’ll answer those very questions. As such, we’ll be discussing both gelatin as well as some of the vegetarian raw material alternatives that are now used to make softgels.

White Tissue: The Ultimate Guide

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