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15, 2024
3 min

Global Accelerated Development Program (GADP): Accelerate Development and Build Strong Relationships

In today's dynamic business environment, leaders at GELITA face a myriad of challenges, from financial management to team leadership and project initiation. The GADP addresses these challenges head-on, providing participants with essential skills and knowledge crucial for driving success within the company, and thus guarantees that our customers reap the rewards of the top-tier expertise of our leaders now and down the road.

Designed to equip our talents – experts and leaders – with the skills needed for the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and management, GELITA has already seen a total number of 34 colleagues across 11 functional areas and 9 countries successfully complete the GADP since it was initiated in 2022. Led by Melanie Borner, Head of Global Human Resources Development & Culture, the GADP aims to build and cultivate our internal leadership talent pool while fostering international exchange and a robust network. Through a series of program modules and GELITA-specific project work, each cohort of participants embarks on an eight-month learning journey, with support from esteemed partners such as the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

31, 2024
5 min


Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, cod liver and krill oil are increasingly popular nutritional supplements, typically delivered in convenient, easy-to-swallow softgel gelatin capsules. Yet consumers can be deterred from using them by their unpleasant side effects – reflux (fishy burps) and aftertastes – which arise when the fill is released into the stomach.

Manufacturers can mitigate these side effects by applying an acid-insoluble, “enteric” coating to their softgels that delays release of the fill until it reaches the intestine. However, this adds time and cost to the production process, and often has to be carried out by a third party. When leading Spanish dietary supplement manufacturer Rioja Nature Pharma was searching for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution to offer its customers, GELITA’s Spanish distribution partner, DKSH Spain, saw the potential for GELITA® EC’s unique, enteric-release technology…

10, 2024
3 min

Easy healthy snack solutions

When it comes to “better for you” snacks, nutritional content is key. But so, too, is optimal taste and texture. We at GELITA can help tick all three boxes

“Better for you” products, as the name suggests, are designed to be healthier options compared to traditional alternatives. These products typically offer improved nutritional profiles, reduced levels of ingredients such as sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, and can also include functional ingredients for additional health benefits.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role that nutrition plays in their health. As a result, healthier, fortified food options have great market potential – and that includes confectionery products too. But in order to win over consumers, they must deliver in terms of taste, texture and indulgence. Here, the right ingredients paired with our formulation, application and market know-how is a winning combination.

10, 2024
3 min

Apples and penguins: the pitfall of comparing collagen peptide prices

Manufacturers should consider cost-in-use and added value, rather than being seduced by per kilo prices when evaluating different collagen peptide options, says Lara Niemann, Category Management, Beauty, at GELITA. 

With high input prices and consumers stretched by the rising cost of living, manufacturers are digging deeper to find ways of protecting their margins. In this context, formulation economics are under greater pressure and scrutiny than ever before.

When reviewing costs and determining where savings can be made it is important to perform cost-in-use calculations rather than simply drawing cost per kilo comparisons. This is especially true in the realm of functional health ingredients where overly simplistic calculations can lead to misinformed decisions.

08, 2023
5 min


GELITA Expert Interview with Martin Walter, Global Category Manager, Healthy Aging & Sports Nutrition

When did your GELITA career begin?

I joined in early 2008 as an intern, when GELITA gave me the opportunity to write my thesis about the market potential of collagen peptides in Asia. I then worked in different business development and product management functions, where I was responsible for the market introduction of our Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®), including the award-winning FORTIGEL® and FORTIBONE®. Today, as Global Category Manager, I’m responsible for developing our Healthy Aging and Sports Nutrition portfolio. We focus on consumer needs, such as better performance in sports or improved mobility for the aging population. Our solutions are market-oriented and show huge growth potential.

05, 2023
4 min

EASYSEAL® consigns a perennial problem to the past

Softgel capsules are a hugely popular delivery method among consumers of medicines and nutraceuticals, but for manufacturers, creating perfect capsules can be hit and miss.

The market for softgels is buoyant. Grand View Research valued it at USD 7.67 billion in 2022 and predicts that it will grow at a CAGR of 6.9 per cent from 2023 to 2030.1 Consumers like softgels for several reasons, including ease of swallowing and effective masking of odor and taste. Softgels also offer good absortption, bioavailability and shelf life stability. However, during manufacture, things don’t always go according to plan and leakers are a common problem that can hamper quality as well as production efficiency.