05, 2023
3 min


We have just published our eighth Sustainability Report, detailing our progress in 2022 and our future commitments to the environment and our employees, customers, and suppliers.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pure, natural collagen proteins and gelatin products, we take our ESG (environmental, social, and governance) responsibilities very seriously. GELITA’s core business is intrinsically based on the principle of the circular economy, because we refine by-products from the food industry to create valuable ingredients for many new applications.

03, 2023
3 min

“In these difficult times, having a reliable partner definitely helps”

We are in a world where the unexpected happens and things change fast. Following two years of COVID and lockdowns, we now have war in Europe, high inflation globally, the energy crisis, shortages of raw materials and, most likely, recession in some parts of the world. In our new Three Questions interview series, Thomas Muthny, GELITA’s Global Vice President Central Supply & Operations Planning, explains how we are tackling these supply chain challenges to ensure uninterrupted business for customers and suppliers alike.