24, 2023
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The Covid-19 pandemic generated huge interest in surface cleaners that kill viruses and bacteria. However, many existing types are not effective for much more than 30 minutes. In public spaces, which might only be sanitized once a day, this could pose a health risk.

But what if there were a way to make surface cleaners ‘stick’ and therefore remain active against microbes for a longer period of time, like 24 hours? In fact, now there is – in the form of GELITA’s NOVOTEC® CB800, an award-winning additive produced from functional proteins. It’s the key ingredient in Antivirus 360 24 Hour, a long-lasting, hospital-grade surface disinfectant recently launched in Australia by cleaning-solution company OzKleen. Antivirus 360 24 Hour was developed in partnership with GELITA Australia, the University of Queensland, and with the assistance of a A$90,000 Advance Queensland Industry Fellowship grant.

Cleaning up: how NOVOTEC® CB800 works

NOVOTEC® CB800 is an environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable additive made of natural collagen. Initially developed for protein enrichment in the food industry, its film-forming properties were found to be beneficial for other sectors. These include the metalworking industry, where it helps remove contaminants such as rust, oil, and fats, and the cleaning industry, where its water-soluble protection films create an easy-to-clean effect on hard surfaces such as steel, glass, and aluminum.

Conventional cleaning agents typically contain silicates to protect surfaces, or rely on water-repellent substances such as wax to prevent renewed soiling. However, both produce residues that hamper the removal of water-insoluble dirt. Conversely, NOVOTEC® CB800 forms protective layers of water-attracting protein chains, which act like a second skin. Dirt cannot penetrate this layer but instead ‘floats’ on top, so it can be easily wiped off or washed away without the need for extreme pH conditions or aggressive chemicals. This makes it safe for both users and the environment.

24/7: creating a long-lasting disinfectant

NOVOTEC ® CB800 has been used in cleaning applications in Europe for a number of years, typically in products developed for public transport. In the new OzKleen Antivirus 360 24 hours product, it’s combined with a convenient-to-use antiviral and antibacterial spray. NOVOTEC ® CB800’s collagen proteins act like an adhesive on the cleaned surface to hold the active ingredients in place for far longer than would usually be possible.

Extensive laboratory testing by the University of Queensland shows that the antimicrobial barrier persists after drying out post-application and after rinsing with water. It also stays in place after being repeatedly touched, making it highly suitable for locations such as handrails or grab handles on buses and trains. It significantly reduces the number of E. coli and other bacteria present, and even 24 hours after being applied it kills COVID-19 virus particles on the cleaned surface.

The implications of such durable antimicrobial action are significant, not just for Covid but also for reducing the impact of many other common viruses and bacteria in communal areas. For health-critical sites, including hospitals and dental surgeries, as well as high-traffic areas continuous cleaning is impractical – such as public transport, airports, stadiums, retail outlets, and restrooms – the potential is enormous.

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