Ingredient innovations driving the premium pet food trend

14, 2022
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As more and more people look to food as a source of health and wellbeing, so owners are doing exactly the same for their pets. According to the European pet food industry association,[1] ‘humanisation’ is the key trend currently driving the market. Any old can or bag of biscuits is no longer good enough: consumers want the best for their furry friends. High-quality, natural ingredients, with added functionality where possible, is in great demand for cats’ cuisine and dogs’ dinners these days.

In short, the line between human food and pet food is becoming increasingly blurred, as owners set the same health and wellness standards for their animals as they do for themselves.

Here at GELITA, we know that gelatin and collagen peptides not only deliver huge benefits for human health, but that they can do the same for pets. That’s why we offer pet food manufacturers innovative  ways to enhance their products in line with what shoppers are actively looking for.


Proven health benefits

As an example, we’ve developed an ingredient that supports the regeneration of joint cartilage – after all, it’s not just humans who suffer from osteoarthritis.

The specially optimised Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) in PETAGILE® support joints by promoting cartilage metabolism, helping to counteract wear and tear caused by ageing and excess load. By helping to maintain joint health, PETAGILE® can help pets to regain mobility – giving them more power to their paws!

The manufacture of our collagen protein also results in top-quality fats, proteins and minerals, all of which are highly purified and safe. That makes them the perfect inclusion for premium feed applications that meet the exacting demands of owners who are increasingly scrutinising ingredient lists before deciding what to feed their four-legged companions.

GELIMIN® is a high-quality source of organic calcium and phosphorous for dry applications. It’s completely natural, with a calcium/phosphorous ratio of 1.3:1, and available in powder or granulated form. Then, for manufacturers wanting to enrich dry and semi-moist products, we’ve created GELIPRO® DIGEST – a highly digestible protein from pure bovine or porcine sources. And finally, GELIFAT® is a versatile high-grade animal fat suitable for dry, semi-moist and wet applications. It, too, is made from either bovine or porcine protein, is low in free fatty acids, high in purity and can be enriched with additional antioxidants for extra stability.


Technical functionality

We also offer ingredients with specific technical functionality that promote premium texture and appearance, while being easy to process. For example GELITA® FLEX is a solution for enhanced process stability. These highly digestible pure bovine or porcine proteins also have excellent binding and emulsifying properties. Available as powder or concentrated wet solution, they support kibble hardness and durability. The proteins are cold water soluble, and improve palatability in various dry and liquid pet food applications.

For semi-moist and wet applications, clean label GELITA® GELATIN is also available in pure bovine or porcine options, and acts as a stabilizer, binder, emulsifier and texturizer, facilitating extrusion processes and enhancing kibble stability.

So what better time to expand your pet food range? You’d be barking mad not to!

To find out how our ingredients can help premiumise your product and give it more human appeal, get in touch today!

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