Global Accelerated Development Program (GADP): Accelerate Development and Build Strong Relationships

15, 2024
3 min

In today's dynamic business environment, leaders at GELITA face a myriad of challenges, from financial management to team leadership and project initiation. The GADP addresses these challenges head-on, providing participants with essential skills and knowledge crucial for driving success within the company, and thus guarantees that our customers reap the rewards of the top-tier expertise of our leaders now and down the road.

Designed to equip our talents – experts and leaders – with the skills needed for the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and management, GELITA has already seen a total number of 34 colleagues across 11 functional areas and 9 countries successfully complete the GADP since it was initiated in 2022. Led by Melanie Borner, Head of Global Human Resources Development & Culture, the GADP aims to build and cultivate our internal leadership talent pool while fostering international exchange and a robust network. Through a series of program modules and GELITA-specific project work, each cohort of participants embarks on an eight-month learning journey, with support from esteemed partners such as the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Central to the program's success is the collaboration and various touchpoints with the company's leadership, including our Management Board, who actively engages with participants throughout the program. “Insights from GELITA’s senior management enrich the learning experience, ensuring that participants gain valuable knowledge and multifaceted perspectives. By doing so, the GADP empowers its participants to transition from functional experts to strong, credible, and successful leaders at GELITA and beyond,” Melanie Borner explains.

Selected from our internal talent pipeline, participants highly appreciate the opportunity to learn and collaborate with colleagues. Their overall positive feedback reinforces GELITA’s commitment to continuing the program, with the second GADP cohort successfully completing the program on February 1, 2024, and the start of the third cohort being scheduled for the beginning of 2025. Two participants of the second cohort who benefited from the training were Fernanda Carlos, Head of Human Resources in Brazil, and Kevin Corcoran, Customer Manager of our Business Unit Professional Solutions in North America. They shared candid insights about overcoming challenges, building global networks, and transferring their learnings to our colleagues around the globe in GELITA’s internal GADP podcast.

“Leadership is a journey rather than a fixed destination. In our dynamic and ever-changing world, we need to learn constantly,” said Fernanda Carlos. “The GADP is a powerful tool for business continuity and stability because it contributes to a strong leadership pipeline and skill enhancement on an individual as well as corporate level, which ultimately creates a positive work culture and drives us to be a high-performance team.”

“The GADP is a rigorous program designed to stretch the limits of participants while developing their leadership and team-building capabilities. It is a springboard for young leaders,” adds Kevin Corcoran. “The effectiveness of our leadership will show in creating and maintaining a culture where people enjoy coming to work and feeling challenged. As a result, our local teams and customers will profit from it as well.”

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