Empowering from within: exploring the look-good, feel-good connection

05, 2023
5 min

Your nails aren’t going to change the world, but the woman who wears them will.”              Tammy Taylor

Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love.”    Adémola Mandella

If you're sad, if you are disappointed in love, put on your makeup, give yourself some beauty care, put on lipstick, and attack.”                                                                                      Coco Chanel

There are some great quotes about how outward appearance affects how we feel. Many are frivolous and fun but there is a serious underlying message: self-care is important for self-confidence.

This is not a new discovery; some of these quotes are over 50 years old. But in recent years, data science advancements have provided the tools for understanding and analyzing this phenomenon, and it has become more than just an abstract concept or universal truth. Finding comfort in beauty has become a market trend, backed not just by quotes but by consumer data.

A study of 1,000 internet users in France, Spain and Italy carried out by Kantar/Mintel has given credence to the concept of beauty having a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.


Key findings

68% of French consumers surveyed said that looking good makes them feel more confident; 65% of Spanish consumers agreed that using beauty and personal care products makes them feel good about themselves; and 46% of Italian consumers said they enjoy discovering new beauty and personal care products.

In short, when consumers feel comfortable about their outer appearance, they feel happy, confident and empowered. Beauty products, treatments and rituals have the capacity to make people feel good.

The lifestyle stressors that are heightened in this post-pandemic era are feeding this connection between our inner and outer state.

For brands, this creates a great opportunity to offer products that can build confidence, lift spirits and bring happiness. To an extent, this is what they have been doing for many years. Beauty is, after all, an industry built on promises.

No false promises

The difference with this modern interpretation of an age-old trend is that consumers are more clued up than ever. The internet has made science readily accessible to the masses. So while beauty products can and should appeal on an emotional level, they also need to demonstrate proven effects and scientific substantiation.

For example, many consumers suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem when their hair thins or falls out or their nails become jagged and brittle. They need products that rebuild their confidence by strengthening their nails or thickening their hair.

Traditionally, such products have been offered in topical formats. Today, it is becoming increasingly apparent that orally ingested products, like nutritional supplements, have an important role here.

We, at GELITA, have been at the forefront of this movement with the development of specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) that target hair and nail health. VERISOL® BCP® can be used in a range of products - beverages, shots, powders, tablets and gummies - and are backed by clinical research.

In a 2020 published study, VERISOL® significantly increased hair thickness within 16 weeks. Hair thickness is a key marker of hair health as it improves hair texture, strengthens the hair and makes hair more resistant to breakage.

An in vitro cell culture experiment was conducted within the trial to explore the mode of action. This showed a significant (31%) increase in the proliferation rates of human hair follicle cells, suggesting a positive effect on hair metabolism.

VERISOL®’s benefits for nail health have also been clinically proven. In a 2017 study, VERISOL® was shown to promote a 12% increase in nail growth and a 42% decrease in the frequency of broken nails. Participants widely agreed that the use of BCP® improved the appearance of their nails and were completely satisfied with the performance of the treatment.

As consumers seek out beauty solutions that can make them feel better about themselves, the most powerful concepts will be those that deliver a tangible and lasting benefit rather than just a fleeting moment of happiness.


To find out more about how VERISOL® can help you to formulate beauty solutions that build confidence through results, get in touch with our team.