An employee reports on working at the plant

"I began working for GELITA in Eberbach in September 2019, changing careers as I originally trained as a medical chiropodist. I initially joined as a temporary worker but was then taken on as a permanent employee. I started in finishing and developed into a machine operator. In the meantime, I have also taken over as a substitute for the production clerk in the department.

I think I am the perfect example of the fact that, at GELITA, you are offered continuous development opportunities. In just the 3 years that I have been with GELITA, I have worked my way up from a packer to a production office stand-in. I am very pleased with what I have achieved at GELITA so far. I'm allowed to work very independently and am given a lot of responsibility, which I particularly owe to the excellent communication between supervisors and employees.

My personal success factors at GELITA include having a sense of responsibility and a certain degree of self-confidence. In addition, you should always get involved, ask questions, be curious and constantly offer your services. GELITA is a modern company offering attractive pay, a friendly and collegial work atmosphere, numerous special benefits, lean hierarchies and great opportunities for advancement."