Protection and bioavailability

hard capsulesHard gelatine capsules are the dosage form of choice for medicines and food supplements. They are ideal for powdered and granulated products.

GELITA® Hard Capsule Gelatine offers optimal setting properties and improved gliding characteristics. GELITA® Pharmaceutical Gelatine is considered as food and provides fast machinability, ideal dissolution properties, and an optimal protection of filled ingredients. High Bloom gelatine (between 200 and 260 g Bloom) is the best choice for the production of hard gelatine capsules. The capsule shell can be designed in such a way that the release of the active substance can be controlled and the bioavailability increased. Controlled release of the active substance can be achieved by coating the capsules.

  • Ideal for powder and granulate fillings
  • Protection of the fill from atmospheric oxygen, light, moisture, and dust
  • Optimal setting properties & fast machinability
  • Optimized dissolution properties
  • Specialties: Hard capsule gelatine with improved gliding properties