We view our suppliers as important partners and as an essential ingredient in our company's success. This is why it is our declared goal to work only with the best and most efficient suppliers.

Supplier management at GELITA consists of four components:

1. Supplier preselection:

Suppliers register via a link on our homepage and can obtain the status "Potential supplier". When required, we select suitable providers from the pool of potential suppliers, which then undergo the approval process.

2. Supplier approval:

If a potential supplier successfully completes the systematic and transparent approval process, he is assigned the "Approved" status. Orders are only awarded to suppliers with the "Approved" status.

3. Supplier evaluation:

We regularly evaluate the performance of our active suppliers according to 12 demanding but fair criteria (quality, costs, cooperation, innovation and sustainability). The supplier evaluation concludes with the status "Preferred", "Advanced", "Accepted" or "Under-performed".  

4. Supplier development:

Our goal is to systematically and continuously promote the further development of our suppliers through jointly coordinated measures.