An employee reports on working at the plant

"I am a trained machine and plant operator and currently work in the hydrolysate department at the Memmingen site. I began my apprenticeship here at the plant in 2012, then quit in 2018 because I was eager to try something new. I subsequently worked two years for a company in materials management and then for a year in the sterilization department of a large yogurt manufacturer.

After about three years, I returned to GELITA because during the time I was away, I learned to appreciate the value of GELITA on a new level. The general atmosphere, the people, and the working conditions - I missed all of those pretty soon, which is why I reapplied to the company. What I like most about my work is the personal responsibility I am given and the fact that my superiors respond to my wishes and suggestions in a very specific way. We really do work together as equals here.

I'm in no doubt that many would enjoy it here at GELITA because it's a really exciting environment to work in - something out of the ordinary."