An employee reports on working at the plant

"I have been working at the GELITA plant in Eberbach since 2006. I originally trained as a retail saleswoman. Through my mother, who worked in small packaging and later at the leaf dryer, I joined GELITA, too, where I am responsible for running the packaging machine, and also stand in for the supervisor when he is absent.

What I appreciate most about my work at GELITA is the versatility and variety in my daily routine. When I deputize for the foreman, I handle various tasks in the office as well as in quality assurance and organize the processes in the department. As a machine operator, on the other hand, I am very close to the product and involved in the manufacturing processes. I am particularly motivated by the trust that my managers place in me. Such a working atmosphere is highly supportive in itself, but on top of that, I am free to ask questions at any time, and my colleagues are always happy to listen.

At GELITA, there are numerous positions in which you can try your hand and realize your full potential. I have already worked in many different departments and gained highly beneficial experience through doing so."