An employee reports on working at the plant

"I first trained as a machine and plant operator specializing in foodstuffs, then added the third year of training as a skilled specialist in food technology. After that, GELITA enabled me to study for the industrial foreman's certificate alongside my work by covering the costs in full. To be able to attend school regularly, I was also allowed to switch to another department where I am only assigned to the daytime or early shift.

In the meantime, I am the team leader of maceration/demineralization and am responsible for the complete control and planning of demineralization. This also includes production and inventory planning as well as scheduling product coordination in consultation with colleagues in the plant logistics department. Naturally, managing the staff in my area of responsibility is also part of my job.

What has always kept me at GELITA is the diversity the job offers. No day is like any other - every day brings something new. In addition to training as a master craftsman, I also had the opportunity to attend several internal management training courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In general, GELITA offers a lot of opportunities for further professional qualifications."