The purpose of camera surveillance
The cameras in the area are designed to monitor the process, prevent and investigate damage, violence or theft.

Camera surveillance information
GELITA Sweden AB have cameras inside as well as outside of the buildings and premises. There are signs in strategic places to inform any visitor about the camera surveillance.

Recorded material
The recorded material will be saved for two weeks and then automatically deleted. The material will only be reviewed at times when there are suspicions of crime.

Access to recorded material
Only Shift Technicians and IT have access to the recorded material. When reviewing recorded material, other management and relevant personnel may have limited access. The police can also request access to the recorded material.

The conditions for camera surveillance
GELITA will periodically evaluate whether the conditions for camera surveillance have changed. It will be evaluated whether the camera surveillance gives the desired and measurable effect in relevant areas and if the conditions for camera surveillance are still relevant. GELITA refers to Legitimate interests (intresseavvägning) as a legal basis for camera surveillance. Registered persons have the rights to request that their data are deleted, which is done by contacting GELITA´s data protection representative via:
Those registered can also report to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen) if it is found that GELITA violates laws, regulations or agreements.