An employee reports on working at the plant

"I have been working at GELITA's plant in Eberbach as a floater and shift supervisor deputy in sheet production since 2016. My professional career is somewhat unusual since I didn't learn a trade.

After school, I lived in Sicily for 10 years. There I met some friends from Eberbach who told me about GELITA. I then decided to return to Germany, where I joined GELITA via a temporary employment agency and was ultimately taken on permanently. The fact that I made it to deputy shift supervisor despite not having any vocational training is certainly not the norm at GELITA. It is an exception - an opportunity given to me by the company, which is due in particular to my hard work, and for which I am incredibly grateful.

I enjoy working shifts and really like the way colleagues treat each other here. I've experienced this very differently elsewhere. I also really appreciate the way employees are dealt with at GELITA. There are constantly new challenges and many innovations in our production. On the one hand, this makes the work exciting and varied, and on the other, it helps us grow together as a team."