In Minden, we produce a wide range of products, including food-grade gelatin, collagen peptides, fats, and protein meal. This allows us to cover a significant portion of GELITA's product portfolio. With the use of various production facilities, there are numerous interesting tasks available for the slightly over 100 employees on-site.


At our plant in Minden, we maintain uninterrupted production operations. Therefore, we work in a two-shift system and a full continuous shift system. This allows us to ensure the high quality of our products in the required quantities at all times.

There are various entry opportunities into production at GELITA:

We value the diversity of professional and personal experiences among our employees. A fundamental requirement for all our employees is their shared commitment to shaping the future of GELITA with a high standard of quality and dedication. In return, we offer numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.


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Benefits at our plant Minden

Attractive compensation, up to 33 days of vacation, Christmas and holiday bonuses, as well as numerous other social benefits are provided.

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Working environment in which safe working and the production of high-quality products have top priority. With regular training and consistent implementation in everyday life through our GoSafe program.

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Appropriate workwear for comfort and safety at work.

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Our own gym - with a fantastic view over the Neckar and professional trainer support.