As a market leader, GELITA creates value-added innovations for you, our shareholders and the markets in which we participate.

To support our innovation process, GELITA invests in market analysis to identify trends, opportunities and threats. Part of this market analysis includes listening; listening to you; those of you on the front lines of industry developments and consumer behaviors. And now, GELITA is excited to launch the first of a series of surveys to enhance our market knowledge and to frequently gather perspective to re-evaluate our actions and / or implement new ones.

The first such survey is focused on gelatine capsules (softgels and hardcaps), especially as these delivery formats continue to be are popular and preferred in the nutritional supplement industry.

In a COVID-world, global industry experts report a positive growth trend in the supplement space. New Hope Media projects a growth in supplement sales of +12 % versus 2019 - directly related to COVID.

Capsule GELITA Survey

GELITA is all ears and we’d love to hear from you…and your recent experiences and perspectives with how COVID-19 has changed the habits of your consumers , especially related to delivery formats of nutritional supplements.. Thank you for being part of GELITA’s marketing trend process. Click here to participate in the survey: Link will be provided soon.


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