Health Canada Recognizes VERISOL® as safe and effective

Health Canada now confirms the clinical efficacy of a specific low dosage (2.5 g/day) of VERISOL® on the improvement of skin physiology. 

After a thorough and scrutinous view by the pretigious Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD), officials have confirmed  VERISOL® to be a safe, effective and...

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GELITA: Discover more features at HNC 2015!

Register now - and join the GELITA Meeting: Finished Product Solutions Based on Latest Bioactive Collagen Peptides Science.


Learn about the latest collagen peptide research in the area of joints, bones and beauty.
Discover how specific collagen peptides can be used to build a strong...

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Customer newsletter UPTODATE now available!

The latest issue of UPTODATE (no. 35) has now been published and is available for ordering or for direct downloading.  Under "", you can view all issues on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Why not try it!

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NOVOTEC® CL 800 – Lubrication Without Oil

GELITA functional proteins enable mechanical processes to run smoothly - and without the need for oil. NOVOTEC® CL 800 is the answer that GELITA has provided to the wish from the metal-processing industry for healthy, sustainable and completely ecologically safe cooling lubricants. Products based on these functional proteins look like water,  perform like oil and cool metal surfaces much more effectively than conventional mineral oil cooling lubricants. NOVOTEC® CL...

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Did you know .....

....that GELITA® Gelatine is used in aerospace technology to collect
particles? Did you know that gelatine is used in the production of match
heads? You can find these and other amazing facts on GELITA® Gelatine on

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Gelita Latest Updates to the China Gelatine Report

Subject: CCTV report on gelatine
To whom it may concern,
Following our first statement dated March 17, 2014, Gelita is pleased to provide the latest information reconfirming Gelita products and processed raw materials are compliant with all applicable laws...
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Gelita Statement to the China Gelatine Report

Regarding China Central Television gelatine report on March 15
On Saturday Mar. 15th, a number of Chinese gelatine producers including Gelita Cangnan Gelatine Co., Ltd. were reported by China Central Television (“CCTV”), in a report named “Gelatine Shadow”, to use so called technical raw material referred to as “tannery waste” for food and pharma gelatine production...
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Soft spread - GELITA® Collagen Proteins

Can a table jelly be prepared faster? Collagens, gelatine and collagen peptides possess technological properties that make them indispensable for today's foodstuffs. Their ability to influence melting- and gelling points, their natural emulsifying properties, appetizing textures and excellent solubility guarantee high levels of enjoyment and market value - and recipes incorporating them can become blockbusters.


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Focus on future nutrition

At the beginning of June, representatives from the global food industry got together in Heidelberg, one of Germany's scientific centers. The event in question was the 2013 Food Symposium organized by GELITA, the world's leading manufacturer of collagen proteins. One of the major topics discussed by the participants from Asia, Europe and North- and South America was how modern nutrition could help meet the challenges presented by a constantly ageing society.

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The food service industry in USA and Brazil

We at GELITA love food! Thanks to gelatine and collagen peptides, many of our favorite dishes have become more digestible and even healthier. The numerous positive properties of these ingredients  – from their unique melting attributes to their spreadability to their stability  – can now be enjoyed by consumers in the USA and Brazil in their favorite cafes, restaurants or from their freezers: for these two large markets,  GELITA's Food Innovations are now offering five...

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