Press release: GELITA announces new study results that raise hope for millions of elderly people

Resistance exercise and specific collagen peptides fight Sarcopenia

A new clinical study published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” raises hope: in combination with resistance training specific collagen peptides developed by GELITA, the world’s leading expert for collagen science and clinical research, significantly increase muscle mass and strength and decrease fat mass. A steady loss of lean muscle mass along with fat mass increase, a condition known...

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GELITA´s newest Gelatine factory: 15 years ahead of its time

As we all know Sustainability has been an increasingly important topic for businesses and the community at large in recent years. And rightly so, the world is already facing the impact of climate change with melting glaciers, melting polar Ice caps and droughts are becoming more and more common around the world (, 2015). Its estimated that we are already living in a world with more then 0,7 C degrees (~1.3 ºF) higher temperature then before the industrialization (Hansen u. a., 2006...

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Customer newsletter UPTODATE now available!

The latest issue of UPTODATE (no. 36) has now been published and is available for ordering or for direct downloading.  Under "", you can view all issues on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Why not try it!

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SupplySideWest 2015 - You Can See

Imagine gaining clarity in improving quality of life. This is today’s reality with GELITA® Collagen Proteins. GELITA, the official Collagen Protein Sponsorof SupplySideWest, inspires winning solutions – from fortified gummy delivery systems to gelatine capsules with optimized release profiles to novel protein enrichment options. Explore these innovations at SupplySideWest through an extraordinary experience of the senses.

Visit us...

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Malaysia: Warning of scams and counterfeit products.

With the help of the attached fake business card, scammers in Malaysia are attempting to create the impression they are acting on behalf of the GELITA group. Even though the card looks deceptively real, it in no way involves GELITA employees or representatives.






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Crossover solutions inspire product development

More than 70 delegates from leading food an H&N companies followed the invitation of the world’s leading manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides and came together on June 10 – 11 in Heidelberg, Germany for the GELITA Food Symposium 2015.

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Health Canada Recognizes VERISOL® as safe and effective

Health Canada now confirms the clinical efficacy of a specific low dosage (2.5 g/day) of VERISOL® on the improvement of skin physiology. 

After a thorough and scrutinous view by the pretigious Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD), officials have confirmed  VERISOL® to be a safe, effective and...

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GELITA: Discover more features at HNC 2015!

Register now - and join the GELITA Meeting: Finished Product Solutions Based on Latest Bioactive Collagen Peptides Science.


Learn about the latest collagen peptide research in the area of joints, bones and beauty.
Discover how specific collagen peptides can be used to build a strong...

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NOVOTEC® CL 800 – Lubrication Without Oil

GELITA functional proteins enable mechanical processes to run smoothly - and without the need for oil. NOVOTEC® CL 800 is the answer that GELITA has provided to the wish from the metal-processing industry for healthy, sustainable and completely ecologically safe cooling lubricants. Products based on these functional proteins look like water,  perform like oil and cool metal surfaces much more effectively than conventional mineral oil cooling lubricants. NOVOTEC® CL...

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Did you know .....

....that GELITA® Gelatine is used in aerospace technology to collect
particles? Did you know that gelatine is used in the production of match
heads? You can find these and other amazing facts on GELITA® Gelatine on

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