Gelatin is used in various ways for sausage products, such as aspic and corned beef, but also in dipping and coating masses. Choosing suitable gelatin optimizes technological advantages, such as slice-ability or strength for aspic. GELITA, with its many years of experience, offers individual solutions and special gelatins with optimized adhesive properties for edible sausage skins.

Meat products continue to enjoy great popularity due to ongoing trends in changing dietary habits like less fat and fewer carbohydrates. Gelatin reduces the fat content of preserved meats and has strong binding properties.

High-quality collagens from GELITA such as GELIPRO® BIND can optimize technological and sensory quality parameters of meat products. In addition, it can reduce the jelly and fat content of canned sausages and enrich the protein content of cooked cured meats. Technological improvements that can be achieved when using GELIPRO® BIND are improved spreading properties of sausage spreads, optimization of the texture of emulsified sausage products, and acceleration of the reduction of the aw-value and shortening of the ripening process of raw sausage.

As a multifunctional ingredient, GELIPRO® BIND from GELITA can bind water while providing emulsifying and stabilizing properties to optimize both manufacturing processes and product properties.