Geliko® Kosher gelatin products are certified Kosher pareve by the Orthodox Union, a certification that’s widely acceptable by all mainstream kosher organizations, including OK, Kof-K and Star-K. Plus, they’re labeled with the OU logo, which stands for quality beyond question.

With Geliko®, Kosher indulgence is a piece of cake (literally). It can be used for confections such as bars, gummies, chewy candies and marshmallows, in dairy products such as yoghurts, mousses and cheeses, in desserts, in meat, fish and aspics, as well as in wine and juice clarification. Geliko® Kosher Kosher gelatin offers better taste, texture and shelf-life, and adds value to your products. Besides food, it also supports nutraceutical applications such as sports nutrition and diet products, as well as pharmaceutical applications including hard and soft capsules or tablets.

In its bovine hide kosher gelatin production, Geliko® Kosher uses only hides from kosher slaughtered and certified cattle. All raw materials, provisions, logistics and transport systems are monitored and maintained by GELITA to ensure safety, freshness and traceability.