Every day, more and more people are putting a greater emphasis on living well. Conscious of their weight, people are looking for healthy food options. At the same time, they still want the occasional indulgent treat. The perfect solution is OPTICE®. It enables the production of the smoothest and creamiest 0% fat and 0% sugar ice cream, and 0% fat soft ice and frozen desserts. It delivers excellent melting properties and the creamiest and fullest flavor you can imagine.

OPTICE® can bind water and is a versatile emulsifier and stabilizer. It mimics the mouthfeel and texture of “fatty” products and is perfectly suited for fat-free products. At room temperature, ice creams with OPTICE® melt much slower than conventional versions. It also boasts high whipping efficiency with an increased and accelerated overrun. Finally, it is clean label compatible and can replace several functional ingredients all at once. To summarize, you can set new premium standards with your fat- and sugar-free ice creams with OPTICE®.