PARGEL® is an innovative, premium-quality protein made from native collagen raw materials. The fine-grained, free flowing powder offers a wide range of applications. It is made up of different collagen protein fractions with a variety of functions. By changing the proportions of these protein fractions, PARGEL® can be adapted very flexibly to various needs – even in customer-specific PARGEL® variations.


Comparison of PARGEL® with other functional ingredients


Multiple benefits

With its excellent product characteristics, PARGEL® is the ideal ingredient for stabilizing, emulsifying and texturizing meat products. Because of its extremely high protein and very low fat content PARGEL® is perfect for produzing low-fat and low-calorie meat products for the growing group of health-oriented consumers.

Products made with PARGEL® provide impressive taste, texture and appearance. But they are competitive not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of cost-efficiency. In addition to its ease of processing, the excellent water binding of the collagen protein also helps to reduce costs. PARGEL® reduces water loss during processing as well as in cooking or frying – while fully preserving the food´s taste and characteristic mouthfeel.



PARGEL®: Typical swelling behavior