Easy living – with fewer calories

The world is too heavy! But we all love to eat, and we won’t compromise on taste, so we need to find alternatives. Okay, but low-fat and low-calorie products are so uninspiring and dull!

With VITARCAL®, however, there’s a solution. Providing the food industry with an effective new concept, GELITA offers functional gelatin ingredients for passive calorie management. Partially or, in food products, completely, the fat content can be replaced with collagen or gelatin.

The really good news: there’s no loss of taste or mouthfeel. Your product retains its authenticity and original sensorial properties. This innovative approach uses gelatin, collagen or collagen peptides, and is tailored to your specific product or application. Collagen peptides can also contribute to active calorie management, helping us to eat less: PEPTIPLUS® has been shown to influence satiety and satiation.

Applications: Semi-fat butter, cheese spreads, salad sauces, mayonnaise, meat and sausage products, ice cream, chocolate, pastries and instant soups.

Successful products: Too many to list! Please ask.